Carpet Water Damage Services
Water Damage & Mildew Treatment

Emergency service:

  • The sooner the better to save the floor and the carpet
  • 100% water extractions
  • Depending on the damage, we might need to replace the underveld and re-fit the carpet
  • 3 levels of chemical treatment processing
  • Sanitise and anti-bacterial
  • Kill odour and mildew treatment
  • Final process
  • Dip shampoo and deodorising

Do not place water damaged rugs in the sun as it will not repair itself unless you call in an expert carpet company.

Emergency Water Damage:

  • Any water damage can cause a carpet disaster and will require total re-carpeting.
  • Most of those cases home owner insurance will cover the restoration of water damage.
  • Rescue carpet save most carpet/rugs/furniture/curtains by following our specialized process. We have succeeded in 95% of all restoration done by our company.

If you are an insurance company, please call us to save carpets you may not have to replace.

Cleaning and Extraction of Water Damaged Carpets
Carpet Treatments with Water Damage
Extracting Water from Wall to Wall Carpets